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Waiting Adoptive Families

Below are just a few of our families. Please call our 24-hour toll free Birthmother Hotline at 1-800-923-6784 to learn about our services and more. If you'd like to read more about how we can help you, visit our Birthmother Page at Lifetime Adoption.

Michael & Kelly
Hello! We are a fun-loving couple that wishes to share in the joys of parenthood. We offer a lifetime of love and happiness. Beach vacations, camping, and activities around the community are a few things we enjoy and can’t wait to share with your child.
Jason & Jody
Greetings from the beach! Adoption is special to us because Jody was adopted and we adopted our daughter. We are an active family and love being parents! We promise to provide tons of unconditional love, laughter, and life-enriching opportunities based in the Christian faith.
Richard & Carolyn
Our children bring us our greatest joys in life, we feel truly blessed.  We love the outdoors and traveling, especially to Disney World!  We have so much to offer, a stay-at-home mom, a loving father and two boys who can’t wait to be big brothers!
Nate & Barb
Hello!  We are so excited to once again be expanding our family through adoption.  We are an active, fun, positive family who enjoys a variety of outdoor activities. Our focus is on family with our main priorities centering on creating a fun, supportive, loving environment - for each other and our children.
Roric & Michelle
We are a loving, positive, and motivated couple who want to incorporate our Christian values and strong family upbringing to make our family the happiest possible.  Michelle is ready to be a tremendous stay-at-home mom, and Roric’s stable career gives our family amazing flexibility and opportunity.
Richard & Rhonda
Hi!  We are best friends who have been together since high school.  We can’t wait to have our first child and feel that adoption is the answer to our prayers.  We are a fun-loving couple who can offer your child unconditional love, boundless opportunities and lots of family traditions. 
Ming & Sarah
Our family is centered around unconditional love and laughter.  We enjoy the beach, playing at the playground and visiting family.  Sarah is a patient and loving mother while Ming is a fun and generous father.  We are excited to add a baby to our family through the miracle of adoption.
Dan & Kate
We are a loving and active Christian family who enjoys summers on our boat and winters in the snow. We are excited to have another child join our family through adoption. We promise your child endless love, a proud big brother, and a life full of opportunity.
Brien & Diane
Our family is our number one priority. We enjoy doing arts-n-crafts, building forts, playing hide-n-seek, and going on walks through the woods. We promise to provide a safe and nurturing environment, lots of love and laughter, a strong Christian faith, and guidance for all that life brings.
David & Arjuna
We are waiting meet you.  We became a family of three after adopting our daughter two years ago through Lifetime Adoption.  We are a stay-at-home mom, dedicated father and adventuresome family.  We love being parents and can’t wait to share our love, happiness and life with our next baby.
Derric & Lori
Hi! We are Derric and Lori. We are so excited about becoming parents for the first time. We share many interest and hobbies, enjoy spending time outdoors or just simply being together. We have plenty of love and laughter to share with your child.
Dean & Pamela
We are positive, caring people who enjoy life. We love raising our daughter and discovering life as a family. Our work is very flexible and we make family a priority. We’d love to share our life with your child and keep in touch with you in the future.
Kevin & Jeanine
We are a Christian couple who have been blessed with each other, with loving families and especially with the adoption of our daughter, Taylor. We are very excited to expand our family with the adoption of our second child. Unconditional love, hugs, and kisses are just a portion of what we have to offer your child.
Casper & Soomie
Ohana means family and family is forever. We promise to love your child unconditionally and raise your child with openness and support, providing opportunities including education and travel while growing into a happy, confident person. With our family and friends, your child will have a special life.
Chad & Jennifer
We cannot begin to describe our desire to become first-time parents through adoption. Camping, fishing, outdoor cookouts, and roasting marshmallows over a campfire are a few of the things we look forward to sharing with your child. Your child’s life will be filled with lots of love and laughter.
Peter & Gina
Hello! We are a Christian couple who are excited to grow our family through adoption.  Love and joy are abundant in our daily life with our sons. It is our heart's desire to add a baby girl to our family.  We promise to love and cherish her and offer her all the opportunities available in life.
Craig & Ellen
We are a caring Northern California couple excited to adopt a second time.  Craig runs our family's winery, and Ellen stays home with our daughter.  We have been married eight years and can provide stability, security, education and a loving Christian home.  We welcome open adoption.
Damian & Iliana
We are best friends, married for seven years and blessed to have God in our lives. We can't wait to fill our house with new sounds of laughter, for "mom" & "dad" and to give your child a world of opportunities in a loving, safe, nurturing and happy environment.
Mickey & Amber
We are thrilled about becoming parents for the first time! We have so much love and happiness to share with a child! We can't wait to share summer family trips to Disney World with our child! We look forward to providing a child with a life of adventure and excitement.
Jon & Stephanie
We are a fun and energetic Christian couple who can’t wait to become first-time parents through adoption! Jon is adopted, so he can provide support and understanding of your child's feelings. We enjoy playing with our dogs, and spending time at the lake, fishing from our boat.
Henry & Jen
We are blessed with wonderful families, friends and pets. Henry’s a firefighter/EMT and Jen teaches 6th grade. We’re involved in our community and church. We love the outdoors, animals, and working on home projects. We’ll encourage your child to be responsible, independent, and to love God, family, and nature.
Rich & Jennifer
We can’t wait to adopt another child! We are a Christian couple from Texas who live near top-ranked public and private schools. We enjoy traveling, cheering on our favorite sports teams and attending hot air balloon festivals, the zoo and children’s shows like the circus and Disney on Ice!
Stan & Michelle
We are excited about God's plan for us to adopt another child through Lifetime.  Our marriage is strong because of our shared faith in God, and the love, honesty and respect we have for each other.  We look forward to providing love, laughter and security to another child.
Todd & Brandy
Pretty pink bows, dance recitals and princess parties! Wow, we can't wait! Your child will have a stay at home mom, a very involved daddy and two wonderful big brothers. We will raise your child with strong morals, faith and the opportunities to fulfill her dreams!
Patrick & Tammy
We enjoy our home life and working on home improvement projects. These projects teach us new things and allow us to spend time together—two of our favorite things! We enjoy cooking, hosting barbeque parties, and going to the beach. We like to vacation and can’t wait to plan trips around your child’s interests!
Jon & Jamesie
Hello, we are a spirited, trustworthy Christian couple with a great passion for life, a genuine love for people and a strong sense of family. Becoming first-time parents through adoption is exciting for us, and we promise to love and nurture your child to value compassion and education.
Mike & Brandee
Love, laughter and the great outdoors are a few things we look forward to sharing with our first child through adoption. We have a relationship based on honesty, love, trust and humor. We are committed to providing your child a nurturing family environment and the guidance to succeed in life.
Jason & Megan
Your child will be cherished in a Christian home with a stay-at-home mom, a devoted dad and a joyful big brother. We met on a blind date 13 years ago and lovingly adopted our son in 2007. Our family is thrilled to welcome another child through the miracle of adoption.
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